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Kakashi Hatake X Reader. (LEMON) 2
You stopped, you couldn't help but to stare at his toned chest, god he was sexy....You were snapped back to reality once you heard a quiet chuckle and saw Kakashi smiling at you. ''Like what you see?...'' He took your right hand and placed it on a scar on his chest, you traced your index finger over it lightly and sighed. ''...I will like you, scars, or no scars, Kakashi.'' You said wholeheartedly. Kakashi nodded and kissed you again, his hand moving up and taking your shirt off, throwing it to a forgotten corner of the room. You could feel you cheeks heat up as your (f/c) bra was showed to your sensei....Well..And you supposed now that the two of you were lovers, right?...Your arms quickly went to cover your chest, but were pinned above you by a man, who was growing quite impatient as of now. you look up with a small squeak and fidgeted. Kakashi took his headband off, leaving his scarred eye closed, as you so badly wanted to see what was behind it. The man took your thoughts away from
:icondeaththekidd21:DeathTheKidd21 193 53
All I've Got. | Kakashi Hatake Ch. 1
From the bedside, Kakashi watched you sleep, your chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm. He knelt beside the bed and held your cold, pale hand. Then, he gave it a gentle squeeze, causing your eyes to open. You turned your head to look at Kakashi and noticed the tantō on his back.
"Otouto? Are you going now?" you asked, tired, and blinked away the remaining sleep. He nodded.
"Yeah. I'm going to meet up with my team to do some sort of test by Minato-sensei," he replied. You smiled and forced your weak body to sit up, only to be pushed down again by your brother.
"Rest onee-san. You're not well," said Kakashi as he sent you a stern look. You sighed, hating the fact that you were born frail and sick. You caught diseases easily, so you had missed out on a lot of your academy days. However, that didn't stop you from becoming a kunoichi, much to Kakashi's dismay. Your sickness will never take away your determination to do what you've always wanted.
On the oth
:iconxxchocomelkgirlxx:xXChocoMelkGirlXx 346 35
Kakashi Hatake X Reader. (LEMON)

:: You were training alone for the first time in about 2 years. You were practicing with your kunai knives as you threw one in the air.
You watched it come back down with a spiral as you tried to catch it. It sliced the top of your hand, leaving you wincing at the pain. You closed your eyes and heard a voice from the tree to your right laughing. You looked over with one eye and saw Kakashi Hatake.
''What do you want?'' you asked with a slight snotty tone. ''I just wanted to watch my favorite student train, and it seems i came at the right time.''  He said as he jumped down. ''What?'' You asked as you opened the other eye and looked at him. ''I can help your wound ___.'' He said as he walked towards you with a smirk forming under his mask, it wasn't obvious but you could draw it out.
''I don't need your help Kakashi sensei.'' He grabbed your hand and held it up, of coarse you winced at this. ''Well too bad ___'' He stated as he wrapped your hand gently- ''T
:icondeaththekidd21:DeathTheKidd21 281 51
Request - Kakashi x Reader : Sensei
It was a cold, rainy day in Konohagakure and [Name] was running down the street, trying to seek shelter from the hard, unforgiving rain. She had recently passed her Chunin exam, which she was very proud of. She had not yet been given a jacket, so she couldn't use that as a shield from the rain. All of the shops and buildings were shut, so she had to run home, but she came to a halt when she saw someone appear beside her. She knew who it was immediately. It was Kakashi Hatake, the copy ninja ... and one of the teachers at the ninja academy
"H-hello Kakashi Sensei!" She said, smiling and blushing slightly
"[Name], you don't have to call me that. Come on, let's get you out of this rain before you catch a cold" He said
She nodded and he walked her home using his green jacket to keep [Name] dry. Once they arrived, she quickly hurried to get changed and got a towel for Kakashi to use in order to dry himself. [Name] gave it to him, and he gave a quiet thank you as he dried his hair as she put
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Hey guys! If any of you have a moment, would you be interested in watching some AMV's that I've made and put on youtube? ^-^
Thanks!! ^-^


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Kate Smit
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Hey guys! I am Kate Smit, it is a pleasure to meet you all! I have one blue eye and another that is a mixture of blue and brown. I have dirty blonde hair, I am five foot three and I have an older sister on Deviantart! Please look at her Gallery! She is known as Kyuubi-Hime360! Thank you all!


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